Divorce and separation are never easy.  But with children involved, the challenges are greater.  There is pain, distrust, and fear that make it difficult to have a healthy relationship with your children.  Combine these emotions with the new relationship status, and your ability to maintain a connection with your children becomes even more challenging.  Sometimes the court gets involved with custody and visitation.  Though this may initially seem like a negative, there are actually many benefits to a supervised visitation experience.

How Supervised Visitation Benefits You and Your Children


Benefits of Supervised Visitation1. It allows your children to have a relationship with both parents.  This is an important factor in helping kids adjust to the new living scenario.


2. Supervised visits take place in a variety of places. However, using a location such as Family Alliance Services for visits means neither parent has the upper hand. Therefore, the child doesn’t feel caught in the middle. Also, because it is a different place, this can help the children to relax and enjoy visiting.


3. Being able to interact with both their parents gives children a sense of security.


5. If the separation has been acrimonious, a supervised visit ensures no negative interactions should the other parent be there.


6. Do you question your child’s safety when around the other parent? Then supervised visits ensure someone safeguards your child(ren).


7. The Family Alliance Services staff member provides neutral observations to the court system. This can help as the court determines custody.

Peace of Mind

8. If you are the full-time custodial parent, you can be confident that your child will not deal with conflict, intimidation, or manipulation from the other parent. This is especially comforting if you are concerned about the motivations of the other parent.


9. If interactions with your former spouse are especially strained, making plans for visitation can be difficult. With supervised visits, you can make arrangements through FAS and minimize contact.

No Hidden Agendas

10. If you have had allegations made against you, a supervised visit allows you to interacBenefits of Supervised Visitationt with your child.

Easing into New Roles

11. There are instances when one is unaware that they have a child until the child is several years old. In these scenarios, a supervised visit allows the child to get to know the other parent at their own pace. A situation such as this one can be difficult for all parties involved. Having someone else there who can help facilitate the meeting can make things easier.

Remember that a court-ordered visit is not a bad thing or a form of punishment.  Rather, it is an opportunity to re-establish a relationship with your child(ren) and move forward.  Make each visit count and see the visits for the benefits and advantages offered.  If you have questions about making the most of a supervised visit scenario, talk to the Family Alliance Services team.  Our trained staff is here to help you and your child stay connected. Contact us today.